Update Alert:

Responding to a 911 call early this morning, local police came across a grisly case of vandalism at the Old Kings Cemetery (in Lake Katrine). Officers arriving at the scene found several gravestones covered in blood, and other stones which had been knocked over. Farming implements, also covered in blood, were arranged around the stones in a ritualistic fashion, similarly covered in blood. No human or animal remains were found at the scene and none of the actual burial plots appeared to be disturbed. Police have sent blood samples to crime labs in Albany to determine type and origin of the blood found at the scene.

Reporters interviewed a local resident living nearby, who contacted police. Ms. Martha Vergoossen (of Lake Katrine), said that she heard someone yelling late last night, as well as what she claims sounded like singing or chanting coming from the cemetery's direction. However she saw nothing. "It was the strangest thing, my windows were open and I swear I heard chanting. I thought I was in a church! But it made me feel very strange and frightened"

The Lake Katrine area has lately been the scene of a number of recent, strange and still unexplained events, such the discovery of many corpses of dead crows and blackbird, which appear to have been killed deliberately. Lake Katrine police spokesman Sergeant Johann Reinder said authorities are looking into all possible causes, including juvenile mischief but has not ruled out some kind of connected occult activity. The investigation of these incidents remains open. Anyone with any information relevant to the case should call the Lake Katrine police at 845-336-5242.